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Electric Food Truck

With the ever-growing success of Marra Forni’s Mobile Brick Ovens, many have asked us, “What’s next?”

With that question in mind, we sat down with our team of engineers to create something bigger and better… but instead we began to think that sometimes bigger, isn’t always better. This lead us to create our brand new Marra Forni concept: An All-In-One Electric-Powered Catering Food Truck!

Marra Forni CEO And Engineers Celebrate The Release of The New Electric Food Truck

Marra Forni Team Celebrates Newest Innovation

This all-in-one electric food truck is an entire kitchen on wheels, and we are proud to say that it is completely green! The electric truck is 100% street legal going up to speeds of 25mph and provides a 48v plug-in rechargeable battery powered by a solar panel that makes it a perfectly sustainable mobile solution for high-density metropolitan areas without leaving any pollution.

Marra Forni Culinary Director Operating Electric Food Truck and Brick Oven

Our Culinary Director Making Pizza With The Electric Food Truck

It has a retractable two rail condiment station that includes a refrigerator for all of your ingredients, a fully functional washing station, a two-door condiment rail powered by an onboard generator, and a nicely sized prep area all packed as standard into a slim and compact truck that can comfortably fit two chefs. The electric truck is an affordable full kitchen that will completely accommodate any aspiring chef without the need to start a traditional brick and mortar business, and they can do so knowing that they are helping create a more sustainable future unlike most other gas-guzzling food trucks on the market today.

Neapolitan Pizza with Cheese And Tomato Sauce Cooking By Fire In A Stainless Steel Brick Oven

Neapolitan Pizza Cooking In Marra Forni Electric Truck

With zero emissions and minimal costs of 30 cents per mile to operate, you’ll not only be going Green but you’ll be saving a lot of Green too. And, with our ETL & NSF Certified stainless steel Marra Forni brick oven being displayed as a centerpiece in the back end of the truck, you’ll have the ability to customize your food truck with either a wood-burning, gas-burning, or electric powered oven. This is truly THE perfect solution for encapsulating the Marra Forni kitchen experience on the go. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself what makes our electric truck stands out from the rest!


The Electric truck is currently in the running to win the 2019 Kitchen Innovation Award at the National Restaurant Association Show in March 2019!


Marra Forni Electric Food Truck Back Side With No Marra No Party Slogan

Electric Food Truck Backside View

Electrick Brick Oven Food Truck Opened at NRA Show 2018

An Look Inside the Marra Forni Electric Car

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