2018 – Awards, Certifications & Innovations


This year, we received not 1, but 2 Kitchen Innovation Awards from the International Restaurant Association!

For our powerful Electric Brick Oven and our Double Mouth Rotator Oven.




VPN Approval

We also became the 1st VPN approved manufacturer outside of Italy!




A New Marra Forni Concept 

An Electric-Powered Food Car 




An ideal Pizza Mobile Solution! Equipped with an award-winning Marra Forni stainless steel brick oven (wood or gas and soon electric).
Go Where Your Clients Are!
* Street-legal
* Plug-in rechargeable battery
* Integrated stretching table with condiment rail
* Solar panel option




COME SEE US! – Booth #1640




Meet Our NRA Booth Chefs


Greg & Kristina Gaardbo

Chefs, Owners

Gianni Gallucci
Chef, Owner

Jonathan & Brianna Cowan
Wooden Paddle Pizza
Chefs, Owners

An Executive Chef with over 30 years of experience, from Italy to California.  He has owned 11 restaurants in Northern California & has also consulted over 50 other restaurant concepts. He has been recognized with over 100 culinary awards nationally & internationally.
Pizzaiolo, Consultant


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