Dough Balls resting on a table next to dough cutterThe popularity of gluten-free food is steadily on the rise in the U.S. It may seem that it would negatively impact the pizza industry but that’s not the case. Many pizzerias have transformed their menu to include gluten-free dough and ingredients. Over the summer, we had the pleasure of tasting this unique pizza hot from the Marra Forni. Rice flour doesn’t contain any gluten and can, therefore, be substituted for the usual wheat flour. Potatoes are also a secret weapon in creating a dough that is crisp, light and chewy.

Researchers have found that the amount of people with celiac disease has remained steady. Despite that, the number of people without the disease, but adhering to a gluten-free diet, increased! Find out more here. Mintel forecasts the market value to reach $14.2 billion by next year. What makes this diet so appealing and will this trend fade? We don’t know but we have seen a rise in the need for organic and natural products like fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit. Gluten-free coupled with an organic diet can only mean good things. For those that do suffer from the disease, we hope to continue to see food innovation on their behalf and you can count on Marra Forni to enhance every flavor. Chef flattens out dough for pizza



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