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In addition to candied hearts and chocolate, February boasts a few more fun food holidays that bakers and pizza-makers can really sink their teeth into. The second week of February is “Great American Pizza Bake” and the February 9 is National Pizza Day! “Bake for Family Fun” Month also takes place in February, and it seems like more “pizza days” are at the tip of food-lovers tongues than ever before.

That’s because our favorite food continues to grow in popularity. Did you know that more pizza is eaten per capita in the US than Italy? Pizza is even served to American troops overseas on the 4th of July! Not all pizza, however, is created equal. In the professional realm, it is the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana who set specific standards for Neapolitan-style pizza-making. The International Regulation is a set of codified rules, verbally transmitted by generations of Neapolitan pizza makers, passed down from father to son. In addition to qualifying ingredients and the classic recipe, pizza makers must use a quality pizza oven in order to ensure authentic results. Here at Marra Forni, we are proud to be the only Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana approved oven suppliers outside of Italy.

Just as America’s love affair with pizza continues to grow, so does our need for better ovens. Our mission is to provide the most customizable, durable, energy efficient and high-tech feature packed handcrafted brick ovens on the market in order to make pizza-making as efficient, enjoyable, and consistent as possible. Our ovens are all American manufactured and combine authentic Italian design with technological innovations to pass down the art of pizza making which enjoys UNESCO heritage status in Naples.

Mount Vesuvius overlooking the buildings in the city of Naples in Italy

We use proprietary bricks imported from Italy.

As a professional cook and baker, I have worked with ovens in many places across the world such as the United States, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. I often joke that I have to adjust my baking recipes to compensate for the inconsistencies of the ovens. “Every oven has their own personality” even became a slogan I would use with my staff as we prepared for classes and events. Since I joined the Marra Forni family as an Ambassador of the newly opened Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center (of which Marra Forni is a partner), however, that has not been the case. It is truly a treat and a pleasure to be able to work with such technologically advanced ovens that not only take the guesswork out of commercial baking, but also make the whole process easier and produce unparalleled results. I use the Marra Forni ovens for everything from pizzas to calzone, Stromboli, pita, flatbreads, and all of my family’s Southern Italian recipes.

Female Chef Amy Riolo bakes Calzone in Metal Gas Fired Marra Forni Brick Oven at Pizza University

Chef Riolo, our blog writer, prepares Calzone at Pizza University

For those of us who dedicate our lives to passing down artisan recipes to future generations, nothing gives us greater pleasure than sharing our knowledge. In the case of pizza-making, without the proper ovens, we can only have a 50% success rate. My sentiments are shared by our many client testimonials and Google 5-Star Reviews, and this one is a great example:

“We created the country’s only true Neapolitan pizza event for the Food Network & Cooking Channel NYC Wine and Food Festival and it would not have been possible without the generosity and ingenuity of Marra Forni and their talented team. Producing this event on the rooftop of an NYC pier for 3,000 guests, featuring 30 chefs and star talent is no easy feat. But try to do it without the finest handcrafted wood-burning ovens, capable of maintaining 900-degree temperatures in 50-degree weather with blowing wind…forget about it. Marra Forni ovens have been the official oven of this event for three years running and our chefs have come to expect these beauties at their cooking positions upon their arrival. We simply could not be successful without Marra Forni ovens. Team CREaM is proud to be associated with Marra Forni and we look forward to including them in any of our events calling for the best in class, Italian-inspired, handcrafted, beautiful ovens. Simply the best.” Randall C

Some of the smarter, faster, baking features of our ovens include:

The Rotating Deck – maintains consistency and efficiency like a professional Pizzaiolo.

Plug & Play Ventilation – Compressed Wool Insulation, Double Wall Venting and 103 and 1978 UL listed integrated venting.

Integrated Touch Screen – Lets you Control the temperature, rotation speed, auto on/off.

84,000 BTUs – Efficiency creates lower energy bills for your home or business.

You can learn about the ovens that make great pizza on our website. Whether you’re interested in a commercial, residential, or mobile pizza oven, our test kitchens, (located across the United States, Mexico, and Dubai) make it possible to try them out in person.

Amy Riolo, Author

Mexican Chef at Cafe Toscano looking into Marra Forni Neapolitan Brick Oven

Black Mobile Marra Forni wood fired Brick Oven Blue and Orange Residential Marra Forni Brick Oven at a Cookout

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