Marra Forni Mobile Pizza Oven Trailer System

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If you're a restaurant owner looking to expand your business, consider the Marra Forni mobile pizza oven trailer. This high-quality trailer allows you to easily transform your business into a mobile operation, offering high-volume, quality cooking wherever your customers are.

The Marra Forni Pizza Oven trailer is perfect for positioning outside of an existing restaurant, transporting between various locations, and featuring at multiple venues and pop-up events. These trailers are built in Beltsville, Maryland, and designed with versatility in mind. It's perfect for in-town mobile live-fire catering and can be towed with any car, making it easy to bring to spaces that are off-limits to larger trailers.

This mobile oven trailer is a smart way to expand your operation and increase revenue by giving your business the opportunity to go where your customers are.

Mobile Brick Oven Trailer

Mobile Brick Oven Trailer

Our mobile brick ovens can be hauled with a regular car and maneuvered comfortably by hand.  Extremely easy to run, the all-metal trailer is available with gas or wood options.  In these models, only the deck is made with our signature Marra Stone bricks which helps to keep the ovens lightweight and effective.  In addition, they allow for wood storage and possible cooler storage. The rear lighting affords optimal flexibility for maneuvering from day to night.

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Chefs and aspiring pizzaiolo can craft artisan pizzas, sizzling proteins, and fire-roasted vegetables in seconds thanks to this model. Despite their compact and convenient size, These Mobile Brick Oven Trailer Systems afford the same cooking performance and versatility as all of our ovens do.  Since the temperature can also heat up to 900F, you can make authentic Neapolitan pizza. You can also cook the ingredients of your choice slower and at lower temperatures, which increases menu options. Our brick deck enables you to use also cast iron pans which are perfect for searing proteins and even desserts and bread.

Temperature controls on the gas version are as easy as they are on a range. All that you need to do is turn on the ignition, open gas and then turn up the fire. Customization colors on the trailer include grey, black, and red. Marra Forni Brick Trailer System also has a stainless steel retractable table that slides from inside the trailer. This convenient feature enables you to save space and can be taken out and used wherever you are working.  Learn more about our Mobile Brick Oven Trailer.

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