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We’re proud of our team for many reasons, but it is their level of commitment and dedication that truly sets them apart. Our Mobile Trailer Brick Oven clients often compliment us on the professionalism and expertise of our business development team members because, in addition to the quality of our ovens, it is their guidance and service which makes buying and using a Marra Forni Mobile trailer brick oven so easy. This post is dedicated to three of our amazing business developers for their inspiration and service.

Mobile Trailer Brick Oven Solution

We enjoy being able to sell something that we believe in. “I remember coming into this factory 6 plus years ago and we were lucky to sell a mobile trailer brick oven a month and now we are one of the leading mobile trailer brick oven manufacturers in the United States!”

As executive Pizzaiolo in Washington D.C., we were able to carry the company to the best pizza in the city three years in a row. Featured in the Washington Post, GQ Magazine, NY Times, and City Paper, his expertise in both pizza making and the restaurant industry make him a great resource for clients.

We believe that the most important thing to give attention to in the sales process is that we are an American Manufactured product bringing in all core raw materials from Italy –  such as brick, sand, concrete, and volcanic rock. All our motors, burners, and screens are American Manufactured allowing us to really create the most efficient and effective piece of equipment.

We also control the process from our own steel fabrication which means we can tell our clients every start and finish of our hand-crafted ovens.

Best About Marraforni Mobile Trailer Brick Oven Solution

  • The people you get to meet day in and day out.
  • Showcasing versatility that we are not just a pizza oven but an oven that can be used for absolutely everything from searing proteins and veggies from raw or from sous-vide.
  • Helping to make our industry strive by not only selling equipment but guiding clients to be successful with ideas and options.

We believe that our Rotating Deck Brick Oven makes the job easier! “Not only is the Marra Forni Rotator one of the most efficient for quality and quantity but also one of the most cost-effective,”. “It’s cost-effectiveness comes from our eco-friendly installation, our exhaust air burner technology, our LCD touch screen capabilities that allow you to turn off and on the oven automatically which can save you a juristic amount in labor costs from having an employee arrive at your location/locations early to warm up for service.

If you were to calculate 2 hours for every day by the number of days you are open, times the hourly wage you pay your opening crew, your savings from the automatic on and off function would buy your oven in theory.”  It costs more because it saves more.

Omar Aguirre

Omar Aguirre has been with Marra Forni since 2015 and has over 20 years of sales experience. He is most passionate about the quality of MARRA FORNI. “For me, the most important thing I always say to my customers is: No matter what you do, you have to do the best always and you have to offer the best products because that is how your customer will come back for, “ he says.

His favorite part of the job is helping clients to see the value that the quality of each oven offers. “It is an intelligent oven. Easy to use. Easy maintenance. Easy to cook,” which makes selling ovens easier, he believes.  A true food industry expert and enthusiast, Omar enjoys the ability to connect with like-minded people in the sector the most.

When asked “What do you like most about being on the Marra Forni team?” Omar answered,

“I found very nice people who are committed to the customers, people who really enjoy helping people and really enjoy his work. In a few words, people who have a passion for what they do.” It is Omar’s commitment to both sales, service, and his clients that enable him to excel.

Mobile Trailer Brick Oven

We love “Seeing people chase their dream of opening their own pizzeria, and helping them achieve it! Since he is passionate about Pizza –  that alone is a critical advantage and very enjoyable. We truly enjoy talking pizza, discussing the ovens, and all we offer as a company beyond just a great oven.

“Being part of a successful organization, watching the continued growth, and being a part of all we achieve going forward” is what he likes most about being on the  Marra Forni team. Both his building experience and pizza experience help John to be an amazing asset to our team.

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