Partnership with the Garden

Marra Forni is much more than just a commercial brick oven manufacturer. Our culinary department works with current and potential customers testing new ideas and menu options, entertaining our valued partners and guests, and showcasing our oven's versatility. As a company, we also focus on building partnerships with our neighbors and lowering our impact on the environment. One way we strive to achieve these goals is by sourcing as many local ingredients as we can, especially those with a short shelf life. One such ingredient is mushrooms. According to the Mushroom Council, fresh mushrooms typically have a shelf life of 10 days. Mushrooms from The Garden International 1

We have partnered with a local mushroom grower The Garden International in Beltsville Maryland. We get a variety of our mushrooms from their location less than 10 minutes from our culinary center. This company minimizes its carbon footprint by using all compostable packaging, utilizing farm byproducts to seed their mushrooms, and sending its production waste products to other farms for reuse as fertilizer or to continue fruiting more products. Mushrooms from The Garden International 1

Marra Forni also knows that by utilizing a local farm with good environmental policies we are able to get the best flavor and texture out of this delicate food.

Learn more about their environmental-friendly practices in this video. 


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