The Future of Food Production Industry: A Look Ahead to NAFEM 2023

The future of the food service industry becomes brighter with every month, as the advancements in technology and consumer preferences are all leading to exciting new developments. One of the most significant trends in restaurants around the world is the use of technology to improve the customer experience. From online ordering and augmented reality menus to inventory management and kitchen display systems, technology is making it easier for restaurant owners to create dreamlike experiences.


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Rising Popularity of Commercial Brick Ovens


Technology has also revolutionized the food-production process. The use of brick ovens in American restaurants has evolved over the years, becoming more popular and widespread. Brick ovens were primarily featured in classic pizzerias and bakeries in the early 20th century. However, as wood-fired and Neapolitan-style pizzas' popularity developed in the United States, more restaurants began to include brick ovens in their kitchens.


Many American restaurants, from fine dining to informal pizzerias, now use brick ovens to add a distinct, rustic flavor to their cuisine. Furthermore, brick ovens have grown in popularity for cooking various foods such as meats, fish, and vegetables. They are versatile in the kitchen because they may be used for a variety of cooking techniques including roasting, grilling, smoking, and baking.


Marra Forni at the NAFEM Show


The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) brings together the foodservice equipment industry every two years. In 2023, the NAFEM show will be hosted in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando from February 1st to 3rd. Marra Forni will be attending the event to showcase the newest Electric Stackable Oven Series as well as Due Bocche.


Electric ovens by Marra Forni are stackable


Our Commercial Electric Oven Series are developed and produced with efficiency, durability, and modularity in mind. The stackable electric ovens enable high-volume cooking and baking production with vertically integrated modular oven decks to reduce kitchen space. These electric deck ovens come in four different configurations and may be stacked vertically up to four decks high. These versatile ovens, with temperatures ranging from 200° to 950°F, are excellent for high-volume pizza production as well as artisan baking and traditional cooking.

Due Bocche commercial oven for two chefs


The Due Bocche (Double Mouth) Oven is one of the highest-performing ovens on the market today. Designed to support two chefs cooking simultaneously, one chef may easily handle food in and out of a restaurant bar area opening, while another works the oven from within the kitchen. The Due Bocche is available as an option for our Rotator Oven, as well as in gas and wood-burning versions for our basic Neapolitan Oven!

Where You’ll Find Marra Forni at The NAFEM Show

NAFEM Booth #672

Featuring the ELST37-36, ELST55-36, and Due Bocche – (RT90 and NP90 side by side)

NAFEM Orlando 2023 Show Map


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