Red Marra Forni Double Mouth Rotator Brick Oven

As if our flagship Rotator oven were not innovative enough, Marra Forni has stepped it up another notch with the Due Bocche (double mouth opening) Smart Rotator Oven.  This innovation is designed to accommodate two chefs cooking simultaneously.  Now one chef can easily maneuver dishes in and out of the opening in a restaurant’s bar area, while another chef operates the oven from the opening in the kitchen.


The innovation had its debut this week at the NRA Show in Chicago. However, several restaurants already have a Due Bocche up and running. Such as Tazza Kitchen Short Pump in Virginia, pictured above.




Gianni Gallucci Owner of Zero Ottantuno RestaurantChef Gianni Gallucci from Zero Ottantuno Neapolitan Street Food joined us in our booth to celebrate.







Wood-fired catering team Jon & Brianna Cowan from Wooden Paddle Pizzeria also joined the Marra team again this year. We are super glad to have them all as a part of the Marra Team!


We enjoy exhibiting at the NRA Show in Chicago every spring. Support from our friends and family means the world to us. Hope to see you all next year!

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