Champion of Maryland Manufacturing

We are proud to announce that Marra Forni was awarded the "2022 Champion of Maryland Manufacturing for Innovation" by the Regional Institute of Maryland Manufacturing.

"Being selected as the champion out of over 4000 Marylander manufacturers is a demonstration that our professional group is dedicated to the success of our organization but also devoted to the industry and global well-being. As our country moves toward the electrification of kitchens and zero net carbon-free by 2050, it is key for food equipment manufacturers to focus on the innovation of electric equipment which should also center the attention on efficiency, performance, and execution." 

 - Francesco Marra CEO of Marra Forni


Marra Forni Electric Oven Stackable Knocked Out-1RMI awards 2022 (5)-1

Our powerful modular electric stackable oven launched at the beginning of 2022, with temperatures ranging between 250-950 Fahrenheit, achieves high-volume baking production through vertically integrated modular oven decks to reduce kitchen footprint.
Visit our website to learn more about our electric oven lines.


Marra Forni table at the RMI awards presentation

Enzo and Stavri walking with the other champions

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