Test Kitchens: The Best Way to Take Our Ovens for a Spin

Determining which type of brick oven is best for your venue, business, and staffing needs can be challenging. Our ovens tend to be the “heart” of the businesses that buy them, so ensuring that they exceed expectations is important to us. Our customers love being able to test out our ovens before purchasing them to make sure they have the right fit. With 10 domestic and two international test kitchens available for prospective customers, businesses purchasing our ovens have the peace of mind that they are buying intelligently.

Because we offer many types of oven solutions, test kitchens are an important part of our service offerings. We believe that the one-size fits all modality is as outdated and inappropriate for ovens as it is for clothing. To us, it’s entirely counterintuitive to sell ovens that businesses need to conform to, and for that reason, we enjoy creating new innovative ideas and solutions to respond to our client’s demands. Here are just a few of the factors to take into consideration when purchasing a brick oven for your business.

1. Size of your space

Obviously, larger spaces allow for larger ovens, and it is important that what a customer purchase compliments their space and workflow. In addition, many restaurants choose to make our ovens the focal point of their kitchens, bars, or dining room – so it is important to choose one that will fit in those designated areas while being convenient for the chefs to work out of and easy for customers to view.

Red Tiled Brick Oven spelling out CAPO by Marra Forni

2. Type of Heat – wood, gas, or electric

In addition to flavor and tradition, energy and labor costs are to be factored in when considering heat sources. Some restaurants, for example, choose our wood-burning ovens because they are traditional, produce great flavor, and adhere to Neapolitan customs. These ovens do require an additional level of skill to keep the heating even, however.

We are proud to also offer the world’s first-ever ventless electric oven for spaces that cannot change their current ventilation systems. Our electric ovens offer an easier-to-care-for alternative that combines the best modern technology for traditional cooking as well as substantial energy savings. Gas ovens are another easy to manage option which ensure an all around even cooking and are preferred in some venues. Did we mention that our gas fired oven only uses 84,000 BTU’s for even more energy savings!

Wood Fired Pizza on peel inside oven
Marra forni rotator brick oven with pizza and gas burner

3. Size of your staff/business level

High-volume businesses that plan to use their oven heavily and can dedicate two people to work them, will rejoice with the efficiency level of our double-mouth rotator oven. Available in both gas and wood-burning options, with this oven you can quickly and easily maximize output with the least effort possible.

4. Recipe Style

Different styles of pizza require different cooking times and different methods. Whether you are planning on serving traditional Neapolitan, New York style, breads, or other recipes, one of our ovens will be the perfect solution for you. The test center allows you to create your recipes and test your own doughs with your chefs and pizzaioli. This opportunity is invaluable in choosing an oven.

Line of Pizzas on wooden marra forni peels

Interested in trying them out for yourself? Click on the links below to schedule an appointment. Then bring your recipes, chef, and team to one of the following current test kitchens to explore all of our options.  In addition to giving you more choices and allowing you to custom-design your own oven, this single step will save your business time and money will ensure the best oven fit possible.

Our current test kitchen locations include:

Marra Forni
Beltsville, MD
(888) 239-0575

General Hotel & Restaurant Supply
Miami Lakes, FL
(305) 885-8651

Houston, TX
(832) 439-3209

Desert Peak Marketing
Aurora, CO
(303) 790-2424

SoCalGas Energy Resource Center
Downey, CA
(877) 238-0092

Preferred Marketing Group
Chatsworth, CA
(800) 292-4764

Premier Food Service Group
Norcross, GA
(770) 205-6869

Vision Builders
Charlotte, NC
(704) 494-7239

Kendale Products LTD
Fort Erie, ON
(888) 887-9923

Great Lakes Culinary Center
Southfield, MI
(248) 286-3100

Not enough test kitchens for you? Don’t worry, we still have more locations coming soon by the end of 2019!

Richmond, VA

Buffalo, NY

Indianapolis, IN

Seattle, WA

Phoenix, AZ

Minneapolis, MN

and internationally, we also offer test kitchens in:

Chef Middle East
Dubai, UAE
+971 4 8159 888 or (305) 885-8651

Taller Del Gusto
Mexico City, MX
+52 55 5652 1812


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