The Bright Future of Mobile Ovens

Perfect pizza-making is no longer limited to the indoors. If you’re looking to expand your operation and increase revenue – think beyond the traditional four-wall model! Mobile catering has become a vibrant and dynamic trend in the foodservice industry today because it’s interactive, fast, and serves up an authentic product in literally seconds. Our food trucks and trailers are ideal for brick-fired catering and trendy pop-up events. Now you can go where your customers are- from busy neighborhoods to weddings, banquets, graduation parties, and more – our ovens never cease to impress. Our mobile solutions allow you to craft artisan pizzas, sizzling meats and seafood, as well as fire-roasted vegetables in seconds. Both wood-fired or gas-fired options are available for our trailers and we are pleased to offer electric food cars as well.

​These days, many event planners are not just looking for a caterer; they want to offer their guests a food experience. People love to gather around with family and friends to enjoy the warmth and aroma of great food. Brick-fired ovens have dominated the pizza fast-casuals because their high temperature provides a pizza that is both fast and delicious. Official standards of Neapolitan pizza say that pizzas should be cooked no more than 90 seconds, according to the AVPN (the True Neapolitan Pizza Association). In addition to being fast, the stone provides the authentic taste and texture of a real Neapolitan pizza.

White and Black Tiled Marra Forni oven at outdoo night event with Lincoln Wine Bar
Lincoln Wine Bar Wood-Fired Pizza

But it won’t just be the taste of the pizza that gets noticed. We provide added marketing value by customizing the look of your ovens. Your visibility will be enhanced, whether at private parties or festivals. Our design team will work with you to create the tile design, image, and logo that complements your unique brand. In addition to enhancing the overall atmosphere of an event and creating top quality pizzas, our trailers are engineered with the finest details including a black powder coat finish, electric and manual brakes, galvanized tongue jacks and leveling jacks, and are standard garage size. They also meet required NATM standards and exceed Federal Highway safety standards.

Owners Kay Heritage and her sister Sunju Pitts operate Big Bon Pizza. According to Heritage, “We’ve visited many operations where wood-fired ovens aren’t visible, even in open kitchens, yet this is central to the sensory experience. Setting the theme is critical, whether it’s a brick and mortar or mobile operation.” The Marra Forni wood-fired oven not only imparts a theater experience guests can see, but the roaring fire also can be both heard, smelled and almost tasted, setting a scene that wows event attendees. “Not only do guests trust an operation more because they

can see the entire process, but the oven provides a convivial feel,” says Heritage. “With everyone gathered around the fire sharing great food and being together, it’s like welcoming them to our family table.”

Marra Forni Mobile Pizza Truck Interior

According to Chis Brady of Timber Pizza, “Ever since we started our relationship with Marra Forni, we’ve been thoroughly impressed with their craftsmanship, professionalism and delivering on their promises. We have multiple Marra Forni ovens and can’t imagine purchasing from another brand in the future.  We’re very fortunate to have them local to our businesses and know that they are expanding worldwide due to the quality of their products and people.  The best ovens in the industry hands down!”

Timber Pizza White Marra Forni Mobile Trailer Oven
Timber Pizza Trailer
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