Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Select Marra Forni vs. Imported Brick Oven Manufacturers

Marra Forni, based in Beltsville, Maryland, manufactures all of its oven products in the U.S. Italian-inspired, and all equipment is ETL certified to UL/NSF quality standards of domestic manufacturing. 

Manufacturing Origin:
There are two manufacturing locations, Beltsville, MD where all metal fabrication and metal oven manufacturing is completed, and Elkridge, MD where all masonry construction and oven finishing is completed.

Marra Forni’s design standards are very different from any domestic or international manufacturer. The type and quality of materials used, engineering design, construction, and insulation are designed to ensure that ovens operate at high efficiency and consistently perform under peak demand conditions.

Marra Forni Brick oven Manufacturing Welding Work


Materials and Construction:

Only Marra Forni brick ovens feature MarraStone, a proprietary brick material imported from the Naples region of Italy. Developed over years of research, this unique material is at the heart of every Marra Forni brick oven. Composed of volcanic content, MarraStone is refractory (made to consistently withstand very high operating temperatures) and heavily porous (designed to absorb heat, retain thermal mass, and then give that heat up to the food being cooked in the oven). Additionally, Marra Forni brick ovens feature 6 layers of insulation, further enhancing thermal retention and cooking performance while reducing utility costs.

Marra Forni Brick oven Manufacturing Brick Laying Work

Marra Forni’s brick ovens are handmade, brick-by-brick, honoring the tradition and technique of the Artisan Italian Masons. The cooking dome structure is engineered to insure thermal retention and even thermal distribution throughout the oven. The result is that these ovens sustain optimal production efficiency and performance during peak production periods. The MarraStone is also a softer brick material allowing the use of cast iron cooking vessels enabling greater menu production flexibility. The result is the highest quality material and design workmanship in addition to the highest performing brick oven in the industry.


Imported ovens often use a “kit” construction design in which the cooking dome is comprised of 4 pre-molded cement quarter panels, which are then covered by a single layer of insulation and then finished. While these ovens may look similar on the outside (tiled finish), the design, construction, and materials are very different which will impact oven quality, durability, and cooking performance.

Marra Forni Brick oven Pizza



Marra Forni is the intersection of Artisan and Technology Innovation. The brick oven is a 2000-year-old cooking appliance that Marra Forni has redesigned and incorporated modern technology into so that the equipment is relevant in today’s commercial kitchen environment.

The Marra Forni brick ovens feature such technology as dual-stage forced-air power burners, whereas competitive models still utilize less efficient atmospheric burners. The benefit includes efficiency, utility cost reduction, and greater production capacity. Additionally, the gas and electric ovens feature the MarraSmart digital touchscreen controls which provide a simple user interface, programmability, precision operational control, and the ability to cook consistently in a temperature range from 250-950 degrees F.  Marra Forni Brick oven Pass Thru Due Bocce

The Marra Forni Rotator brick oven features a rotating cooking deck that is reversible and can be set to the second so that cooking results are consistent regardless of who is operating the oven. Additionally, the oven automates the food manipulation process in the oven eliminating the need for a higher-paid employee skill set.Marra Forni Brick oven Cast Iron Cooking

Unique features include an enclosed façade, a pass-thru design, and a recess-able front mantle to simplify operation and cleaning procedures. Marra Forni has an aggressive new product development strategy and will always support manufactured products through local sales and culinary support as well as a national factory-authorized and trained warranty service network.

We are committed to inspiring our customers, and WE ARE changing the way that the industry cooks . . . one brick at a time!

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