MEET THE CHEF – Chef John Paolone

Recently we caught up with Executive Chef/Owner at Cafe Firenze, John Paolone for a brief chat. A quick look at John’s Facebook page and it’s clear he truly enjoys cooking in Marra Forni’s wood-fired oven. We asked John what he likes cooking in the oven. His response, “It’s more like, what don’t I put in the oven! Everything from fresh bread, to sandwiches, meatballs, blistered cherry tomatoes, charred onions, prime rib, roasted pork butt and just about anything else. I cook a lot of things overnight, slow and low.” Not that we didn’t already know, when it comes to cooking in a wood-fired oven, Chef John is about as versatile as they come.

We asked John, “What are the top three things you like about the oven?”Chefs at Cafe Firenze unwrap Marra Forni Brick Oven

“Versatility, you can cook just about anything in it. Craftsmanship, I’ve had my oven for over three years and not a crack on it. It’s made to last. I don’t have to worry about it. And uniqueness, I used to have just a double-decker oven like everyone else. Now I have an oven that cooks truly authentic, light and airy, thin crust Neapolitan pizza. And I love the rustic look. It’s not like any other oven.”

Café Firenze is an upscale casual dining restaurant, located in Moorpark, California. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop by. Enjoy northern Italian style wood-fired cuisine.


Roasted Pig cooking in a black tiled Marra Forni Brick Oven

563 W Los Angeles Ave, Moorpark, CA 93021

(805) 532-0048

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