Equip Your Kitchen with Forked Mixer, Flywheel Slicers, Refrigerated Prep Tables

Marra Forni is a one-stop solution for the community which offers Spiral & Forked Mixers, Refrigerated Prep Tables, Oven Ventilation, Flywheel Slicers, etc. to support our brick oven cooking solutions. We are proud to be the fastest-growing manufacturer of handcrafted brick ovens for commercial and residential use but our commitment to value doesn’t stop there. Our team provides a customer service style and product portfolio which gives our clients the best one-stop shopping experience possible. Did you know that Marra Forni also offers food service equipment such as refrigerated prep tables, dough mixers, venting system components, Brick Oven, and cooking tools?

What Makes Marraforni Your Complete Brick Oven Solution Partner

    Turnkey Customer Service

    Offering the highest level of customer service to clients AFTER they purchase our ovens and equipment is one of the many value-added solutions we offer to them. We believe that the purchase of an oven is just the first phase of our professional relationship, and are pleased to provide additional assistance once our oven arrives in their new homes.

    This amenity saves consumers time and hassle that they would otherwise spend dealing with 3rd party technicians.  In addition to our ever-growing number of test kitchens strategically located around the globe, our clients also enjoy culinary consulting, business development training, marketing support, and fast, nationwide tech support with every oven.

    But that’s just the beginning….

    Plug & play Ventilation

    A common mistake in oven installation is not taking Pizza Oven Exhaust into consideration in advance. Our dedicated Venting Specialists work with clients’  architects and engineers to identify the best solution for their duct layout at the time of purchase. That way,  they have peace of mind knowing that our system has all the UL listings so that they don’t have to worry about running into problems with the inspections process.

    This alone saves a lot of time, aggravation, and hidden expenses. Our gas oven models can also be upgraded to include an exhaust fan interlock so that the fan will automatically turn on/off with the oven. This also enables the speed of the fan to be adjusted from the oven’s touch screen. Another Post Regarding Our Integrated Venting System.

    Refrigerated Prep Tables Designed for high-Volume Production

    Prep tables are an integral part of the pizza and restaurant industry. Ours are efficient and spacious, enabling you to make the most out of your space. Marra Forni Prep Tables are available in two or three-door configurations with the addition of condiment rails for both styles…

    Spiral & Forked Mixers

    Forked Mixer

    Our Forked mixers offer excellent aeration and texture while yielding perfect dough elasticity. They’re ideal for restaurants, confectioners, bakeries, and even home cooks.  Available in Forked and Spiral configurations, our Spiral mixers also offer various flour capacity choices.  Our team is always available for assistance in determining which configuration is best for our clients. Both mixers produce better gluten development due to a lack of heat, but spiral mixers cut your mixing time in half.

    When creating the best possible wood-fired Neapolitan pizza (or any high-hydration dough), it is essential to use a true Italian forked mixer to ensure the dough is not overworked and retains excellent resolution. Marra Forni Forked Mixers provide proper aeration, correct texture, and yield nice elasticity for your dough. The shape of this Forked mixer allows the dough to become oxygenated quickly without warming up. This ensures that the dough is not cooked before it hits the oven!

    Spiral mixers are perfect for wider varieties of dough.  Marra Forni spiral mixers are the ideal machine for restaurants, confectioners, bakeries and domestic use. We offer a range of sizes, from 5kg to 60kg.  

    Flywheel Slicers

    100% Italian-made slicers from Marra Forni combine precision slicing with the classic visual appeal of a hand-operated flywheel. Slicers are cast in aluminum and steel to facilitate fast and easy cleanup.  Our hand-operated slicers allow displaying anywhere to entice customers. The blade sharpener is built-in and equipped with a protection ring that meets NSF standards. Slicers can be customized with RAL colors and unique flywheel styles as well.

    Pizza Tools & Accessories

    A perfect pizza is difficult to achieve unless you have the right tools. We offer a high-end line of pizza tools – including brushes, and peels in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – for every need.

    Marra Forn's one stop shop.

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