Creative Commercial Brick Oven Cooking Solutions that Bridge BOH and FOH

Our Due Bocche (Double Mouth / Pass-thru) Brick Oven Oven is one of the highest production brick oven cooking solutions available on the market today. Designed to accommodate two chefs cooking simultaneously from opposite sides of the oven; it is the perfect solution for maximizing food production throughput.

With this one-of-a-kind “Pass-Thru” feature, one chef can easily maneuver dishes into the oven from the back of the house, while another removes finished product supporting plating and service to the front of the house. The Due Bocche comes as an optional feature for Marra Forni’s Neapolitan “static deck” brick ovens and the “Rotator Oven,” Marra Forni’s Flagship. Our team of field culinarians tells us that prospective customers are so impressed when they see the Due Bocche in action, that it practically sells itself.

Brick Oven

Marra Forni is the only Commercial Brick Oven Manufacturer company in the world that produces a “pass-thru” rotating deck oven that can cook pizzas evenly in a single deck rotation, in under 90 seconds. This is due to our forced-air power-burner technology, which pushes 60% gas and 40% air, and uses only using 84,000 BTUs.

Benefits of Pass-Through Brick Oven:

Saving money on energy is not the only selling feature of our showstopper – this oven also enables you to enjoy incredible cooking versatility. This oven allows you to enjoy baking, slow roasting, braising and searing meats, fire-roasted veggies, and simmering seafood in cast-iron pans in addition to pumping out picture-perfect pizzas.

Recognized as a winner of the 2018 Kitchen Innovation Award at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago, the Due Bocche gained further fame at the Las Vegas Pizza Expo and can now be spotted in several Whole Foods and Wegmans locations as well as Music City Pizza, the beautiful Tazza Kitchen, and many more.

Even though our Double Mouth Ovens’ eye-catching designs often make them the focal point of the restaurants they reside in, it is their technology that we are most proud of. The Neapolitan and Rotator gas ovens feature easy-to-use MarraSmart touchscreen technology, so there’s no need to hire someone who is highly trained to run the oven.

Operators have full control of critical functions such as temperature, deck rotation speed and direction, and auto on/off. The exhaust fan can also be supported by an integral control interlock system as an option insuring that the fan and exhaust system is always functioning with the oven is in operation. The finished tiled exterior of your dream oven is completely customizable to compliment your interior design concept or your personality.

Marra Forni’s Due Bocche Brick Oven standard features include Touchscreen Technology, a Custom-Tiled Dome Finish, a Turbo Burner, a Proprietary MarraStone Brick Cooking Deck, Doors, Stainless Steel Flue Collar/Adapter, a Steel Stand, a 2-Year Deck and Dome Warranty, a 1-Year Parts and a Labor Warranty.

All of Marra Forni’s Brick Oven Solutions are approved for use with Marra Forni’s Direct Venting Solutions. More optional features for this oven include Stainless Steel Masks, Stainless Steel Stands, Wood Burning Accessories, Interior Oven Lighting, Burner Position (Left/Right), Custom Tile Applications, and Exhaust Fan, an All Fuel Grease Duct, and Genuine Marra Forni Oven Tools.

Marra Forni products meet rigorous standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic emissions from Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., the Canadian Standards Association, the Intertek Testing Services, and Conformance European. Marra Forni Neapolitan Series Ovens are also VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) Certified for both gas and wood-fired applications.

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