Hidden Beauty – Our Enclosed Brick Oven Solutions

Photo of Enclosed oven with Giulio Adriani

Giulio Adriani at The Local Pizzaiolo


We aim to offer a solution for any restaurant design. Besides custom tile designs, we also offer an Enclosed Brick Oven solution.

For many restaurants, our ovens enhance the design and atmosphere. However, we realize that our classic ovens, though highly efficient, may not suit the needs of restaurants with less kitchen space. This is where our Enclosed oven solution bridges the gap, as it is built directly into the wall and includes a wood storage area. This allows for maximum kitchen space.

All of our ovens, including the Neapolitan, Rotator and the Gas/Wood combination ovens can be enclosed. Notice just some of the many benefits of an Enclosed oven below.

  • Maximize Kitchen Space
  • Same Quality
  • Same Service
  • Superior Heat Retaining Insulation
  • Durable Marra Brick Deck
  • Door/ Fire Suppressor
  • Turbo Burn


For their Makeover Edition, RD+D Magazine asked Giulio Adriani why he chose to put enclosed Marra Forni brick ovens in his gorgeous new pizzerias (#thelocalPizzaiolo). Read about why an enclosed oven might be the best solution for your restaurant.





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