Must Have Kitchen Accessories

We work hard to make sure our ovens are of the highest quality and make the job of a chef easier. We here at Marra Forni wanted to do more, though, so in addition to our ovens we also offer other tools to help out in the kitchen:

  • Prep Tables
  • Forked Dough and Spiral Mixers
  • Vittoria Slicers

Prep Tables:

While making pizzas, you’re going to need a place to keep the ingredients and put the whole thing together. This is where a quality pizza prep table comes into play. Marra Refrigeration makes excellent pizza prep tables that feature condiment rails to organize all of your toppings. With a good, organized pizza prep table, your team will stay efficient while making pizzas.


Our mixers “fold” rather than mix the dough, preventing friction that overheats dough and leads to sub-par final product. With these tools, you can get the perfect Neapolitan flavor by letting your oven cook your dough, not your mixer!

Vittoria Slicers:

Our slicers are 100% Italian made and combine precision slicing with the classic visual appeal of a hand operated flywheel. Our slicers are cast in aluminum and steel to facilitate fast and easy cleanup. They are also fully operated by hand, leaving you free to display your slicer anywhere to entice customers.

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