The Best Solutions Ever For Commercial Dough Mixers

If your business does a lot of baking, choosing the right commercial dough mixers can be as crucial to your efficiency as your oven is. When we designed our mixers, we had the same mission in mind as we do when building our ovens. Regardless of which product we are offering, our aim is always to set people up for success with the best equipment and service possible. In the beginning, we noticed that a lot of Neapolitan-style pizzerias needed special mixers that were perfectly suited to their dough. For that reason, we created a mixer with a fork attachment that ran with a slower motor so that the gluten in the dough would not be stretched too much. The final result of dough kneaded in this mixer is soft and supple – perfect for pizza.  

Commercial dough Mixers


Versatility is also very important to us. Just as we like our ovens to be used for much more than just pizza, we believe that our mixers should be used with as many types of dough as possible. Because of this, Marra Forni Commercial Dough Mixers are available in Forked and Spiral configurations to work with your choices of flour capacity. Both of our mixers are also available in dual-speed velocity to better suit your needs. 

So which type should you choose? 

Commercial Dough Mixers 

While many commercial mixers work so fast that they “cook” the dough long before they get to the oven, our fork mixer will not allow that to happen – giving you a better feeling of dough. If you are looking for proper aeration, texture, and a mixer that yields perfect elasticity for your dough, the Marra Forni Forked Mixers are your choice – especially if you are going to be making Neopolitan-style pizza dough in large quantities. 

When creating the best possible wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, it is essential to use a true Italian fork mixer to ensure the dough is not overworked and retains excellent resolution. The shape of this mixer allows the dough to become oxygenated quickly without warming up. We like to say “Let your oven cook the dough, not your mixer!”  

Forked Mixer Features 

  1. Stainless steel frame, bowl, fork, protection cover and tool-holder shaft 
  2. Transparent polycarbonate covered bowl for 25kg to 35kg models 
  3. Stainless grill for 60kg to 80kg models 
  4. Independent speed reducers for the bowl and fork 
  5. Rotating parts assembled on ball bearings 
  6. Compliant with European electric system and safety device regulations 
  7. One year labor/parts warranty 

Spiral Mixers 

Our spiral mixers are ideal for restaurants, confectioners, bakeries, and even home cooks!  They allow you to enjoy excellent aeration, correct texture and yield perfect elasticity for your doughs that contain higher levels of hydration.

Spiral Mixer Features 

  1. Stainless steel frame, bowl, fork, protection cover and tool-holder shaft 
  2. Rotating parts assembled on ball bearings 
  3. Geared motor enabled chain drive system 
  4. Standard timer for 12kg to 60kg models 
  5. Supplied wheels and brakes for 12kg to 60kg models 
  6. One year labor/parts warranty 

Marra Forni Commercial Pizza Ovens that feature these logos meet rigorous standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic emissions. The acronyms are as follows: 

UL: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. 
CSA: Canadian Standards Association 
ETL: Formerly ETL Testing Laboratories, now Intertek Testing Services 
CE: Conformance European 

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