Our Ovens Take Center Stage at the National Restaurant Association Show

It’s #NationalPizzaPartyDay and we’ve got lots to celebrate! As we speak, our Marra Forni family and a star-studded team of pizzaioli including Felice Colucci, Giulio Adriani, Gianni Gallucci, Michele D’amelio, Giancarlo Schiano, and Maurizio Ferrari are currently at the National Restaurant Association Show where they are preparing their ingredients for the show! We’re also toasting to showcase our 2018 Kitchen Innovation Award Winners – the Double Mouth Rotator Oven and the Electric Brick Oven. We’re also proud to introduce our Ventless Electric Oven at the Show.

This year, the Double Mouth Rotator, the Electric Oven, and the Ventless Electric Oven will all be on display at the National Restaurant Show.

Did you know that our Double Mouth Rotator is “The First Pass-Through Rotating-Deck Oven in the World?” This authentic, handcrafted Kitchen Innovation Award Winner was built to accommodate two chefs cooking simultaneously – a feature which is invaluable in high volume pizzerias. The oven’s Touch Screen Technology controls the duration of the rotation speed from 15 to 270 seconds. It also utilizes a dual burner with Air Force Technology, and an automatic turn on and shut off control which can be programmed on a daily or weekly basis. Additional features include a data log, a customizable recipe option with different temperatures, and an interlocked exhaust fan.

Two Chefs using Marra Forni Double Mouth Rotator White Tiled Oven cooking pizza

We’re also enjoying the attention that our new Ventless Electric Oven is receiving at the show! Until recently, businesses required special ductwork and venting in order to utilize high-temperature pizza ovens. Many of our customers were in need of a high-quality oven which they could use in their existing spaces. For that reason, we created the First Ever Ventless Brick Oven!

Offering the same quality, and consistency as traditional Marra Forni ovens, the Ventless Exhaust Hood will enable restaurants, food service, and catering facilities who were previously not able to support high-temperature baking to produce the same quality pizzas and baked goods as establishments with special venting thanks to the UL Listed Hood System’s high temperature (industry leading 932F -500C) exhaust.

Our Electric Brick Oven is a popular choice for many catering outlets and restaurants. This oven enables pizza-makers to enjoy the same traditional wood-fired brick oven results with incredible energy savings. Our Electric Brick Ovens are perfect for the places where wood or gas are not allowed. Our Electric Brick Oven is available in the ELMR39-43 configuration featuring a 39-inch wide by a 43-inch deep deck. Its standard features include superior heat-retaining insulation, a durable Marra brick deck, a grey granite mantle, a door /fire suppressor, a turbo-burn stainless steel flue collar/adapter, a 3-Year Deck and Dome Warranty, and a 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty, as well as many optional features.

The Marra Forni Double Mouth Rotator and Electric Brick Oven

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