Our Top 5 Inventions for National Inventors Day – Electric Brick Oven, Rotator, Due Bocche

February 11 was National Inventors Day – a day of the year set aside by our country to recognize the contributions of Marraforni Electric Brick Oven. Ronald Reagan as President of the United States proclaimed February 11, 1983, as the first National Inventors’ Day in the USA. Here at Marra Forni, we pride ourselves on our inventions and services which set our customers up for success. We are also honored to have been awarded the Kitchen Innovation Award for several consecutive years at the National Restaurant Show.

“What is now proved was once imagined”. – William Blake

Here are just a few of our most recent inventions.

    The Rotator – First brick oven controlled by touchscreen

    Enjoy lower energy bills thanks to the 84,000 BTU per burner and decreased labor cost with the automation integrated into the touchscreen of your Marra Forni Rotator brick oven. The easy-to-operate Rotator means that you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive Pizzaiolos!

    The Marra Forni Rotator brick oven comes with the most high-tech standard features currently available on the market. In addition to the rotating deck, the Rotator brick oven is highly customizable with an additional Turbo Burner, Integral Exhaust System, Custom Tile Design, and many more options

    Electric Brick Oven

    Electric Brick Oven

    Offering the same quality, and consistency as our traditional Marra Forni ovens in Metal square option to facilitate compact space problems of our clients. This oven solution enables restaurants, food service, and catering facilities that were previously not able to support high-temperature baking to produce the same quality pizzas and baked goods as establishments.

    President, CEO & Co-Founder Francesco Marra

    “Our main objectives in creating the first brick oven were to satisfy our customers’ needs and to continue to make brick oven technology to the next level,” say owners Enzo and Francesco Marra.

    Electric Food Truck| Mobile Brick Ovens

    This all-in-one electric food truck is an entire kitchen on wheels, and we are proud to say that it is completely green! The electric truck is 100% street legal going up to speeds of 25mph and provides a 48v plug-in rechargeable battery powered by a solar panel that makes it a perfectly sustainable mobile solution for high-density metropolitan areas without leaving any pollution.

    It has a retractable two rail condiment station that includes a refrigerator for all of your ingredients, a fully functional washing station, a two-door condiment rail, and a nicely sized prep area all packed as standard into a slim and compact truck that can comfortably fit two chefs. The electric truck is an affordable full kitchen that will completely accommodate any aspiring chef without the need to start a traditional brick and mortar business, and they can do so knowing that they are helping create a more sustainable future unlike most other gas-guzzling food trucks on the market today.

    Pass Through Brick Oven – KI award-winner

    This innovation is designed to accommodate two chefs cooking simultaneously! Now one chef can easily maneuver dishes in and out of the opening in a restaurant’s bar area, while another chef operates the oven from the opening in the kitchen. The innovation had its debut this week at the NRA Show in Chicago a few years ago and now many restaurants already have a Due Bocche up and running.

    The electric brick oven – another KI award-winner

    This powerful electric brick oven creates a new category for itself with cooking temperatures up to 1000℉. Heat is evenly distributed from all directions, allowing all sides to cook evenly without the need to rotate dishes. The proprietary bricks produce highly efficient heat absorption, retention, and consistent cooking of pizzas, meats, seafood, vegetables, and bread with incredible energy savings. Marra Forni’s Electric brick ovens are perfect for places where wood or gas are not allowed!


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