Best In Dough Features lots of #MarraFamily next to Marra Forni Commercial Pizza Ovens

Check your Hulu listings on September 19th, 2022 for three shiny gold commercial pizza ovens in the background of the newest reality show, Best in Dough. This competition will feature chefs battling it out to see who can make the best pizza, and many of those chefs are familiar faces. If you look at the promotional materials you will see three large gleaming gold Marra Forni Neapolitan Commercial Pizza Ovens  being used by the contestants. Those ovens aren't the only Marra Forni aspect of the show...

Can you spot #MarraFamily in the show? Check out who is connected to our brand from the show as you watch

Daniele Uditi, host, Head Chef at Pizzana

IMG_0579 2

  • Located in Louisiana
  • Owns a Marra Forni oven
  • One of our most recent Marra Forni ambassador


Scott Wiener, owner of Scott's Pizza Tours  

  • Tours held in New York
  • Pizza University Instructor for multiple classes with Johnathan Goldsmith and John Arena for "Smart Start"
  • Has visited almost every pizzeria in the US

David Lee, owner of Pizza Jawn

(promotional video and Photo from Pizza University Class David attended)

David Lee with some fellow Pizza University classmates

HubSpot Video


    • Located in Philadelphia
    • Pizza University graduate during class with Tony Gemignani
    • Listed as the 50 most influential people in pizza in 2021 by Smart Pizza Marketing


    Michael LaMarca, Owner/CEO, Master Pizza Franchise Group

    (promotional Photo and video from Pizza University Class
    Interviewed by Marra Forni CEO Francesco Marra)

    HubSpot Video
  • Based in Ohio
  • Pizza University Instructor
  • US Pizza Team Captain


    Ali Haider, owner of 786 Degrees
    HubSpot Video

    • Located in California with multiple locations
    • Marra Forni ambassador
    • Has a Marra Forni oven
    • Considered Best Restaurant in California by USA Today in 2016

    Joe Carlucci, Owner of Valentina's Pizzeria & Wine Bar

    joe carlucci 2

    Pizza University Instructor
  • Located in Alabama
  • Marra Forni Ambassador
  • World Pizza Champion
  • Uses our oven in his business

Don't miss the premiere of Best In Dough on Hulu on September 19th, 2022. 

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