Marra Forni Ovens Appear on Best In Dough As seen on Hulu

Best in dough Promo photo 2

You will see three shiny gold commercial pizza ovens in one of the newest reality shows called "Best in Dough" this year.

Those three Neapolitan ovens feature a gold square tile on our signature VPN-certified (Vera Pizza Napoletana Approved) ovens. As you watch chefs battle it out for the Best in Dough prize each episode you will see them work next to these ovens to produce all manners of pizza. Let us know your favorites.

You will also see a lot of familiar faces. To learn more about the Marra Forni connections check out our blog post on these connections to the contestants and one of the judges here. You will also learn a bit more about their experience and history.

So make sure to check out Best in Dough as seen on Hulu after September 19th, 2022. See how the chefs work with our ovens and how they use them to make amazing pizza in our Neapolitan ovens and so much more.

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