Our New Metal Fab Dept

Iron Facade with metal cut that says Marra ForniOne of our proudest accomplishments has been the development of our in-house Metal Fabrication Department. This means that now, WE control the entire process of manufacturing! Headed by Jessie Macola, the team has more than 40 years of metal fabrication and welding experience between them.

Bringing our metal fabrication process in-house was an important move for us. Now that we have cut out the middleman, our clients will benefit from faster lead time, controlled quality, new equipment (Commercial & Residential), more personalization and customization.

Benefits for YouBlack and Cream Bagel Oven from Big Bon Bodega

  • Faster turnaround times
  • More custom design options
  • Added lightbox
  • An overall better product
  • Innovative metal work




An Inside Look at Our Process










Laser Cutting

Automatic saw

“When there is a problem, the designer and engineers work together to solve it.  Also, the assembly is easier and more accurate. Overall, we are able to produce a better product.”

Jesse Macola, Head of Metal Fabrication Department
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