Penny Round Tiles Cuts for Brick Ovens


Handcrafted with passion and precision, the brick ovens from Marra Forni are more than just functional cooking instruments; they are works of art. At the heart of these artistic creations lies the unique curvature of the oven dome. And as with any handmade work of art, there's a story of craftsmanship behind it.


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The Art of Tile Adjustment
As the artisans work their way to the top, where the dome narrows, the tiles undergo adjustments in size and placement. This adjustment is more evident in some tiles than in others. For instance, with our penny round tile, this adjustment involves cutting the tile in half to create a semi-circular shape, aptly termed a "cut."

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What's the point of having cuts?

Cuts are our way of ensuring that the tiles fit perfectly, especially as the dome's curvature becomes more pronounced near the ventilation at the top. Without these adjustments, there can be visible wobbling lines, which can be more pronounced, especially when viewed from a distance or when using contrasting grout.

However, if the aesthetic preference leans towards avoiding these cuts, one should be ready for some natural line wobbling. For those who seek a more seamless look, using grout that matches the tile color can significantly reduce this effect.


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Making the right choice for your business
For ovens that will be viewed from a distance, we recommend utilizing cuts. On close examination, these semi-circle cut tiles will be visible within the design. If you have a specific side of the oven that customers will frequently face from close proximity (within 5 feet), it might be worthwhile to ask for minimal cuts on that side. Conversely, if the viewing distance exceeds 10 feet, these cuts generally go unnoticed by most.

For ovens visible from all sides and in close proximity to customers, we recommend going for a minimal-cut design. If you have a preference for which side should have the least visible cuts, you can indicate that on your order form.

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