Plug & Play Oven Ventilation

We now offer a plug and play integrated brick oven chimney and grease duct venting system. This means a smooth and easy process for our clients and guarantees powerful performance. We control the entire process, thus reducing errors.  We take that responsibility away from your architects or mechanical engineers.

Chef Prepares Steak next to Marra Forni White Tiled Brick OVen

Cane Rosso’s Marra Forni Brick Oven

Why we integrated our chimney & grease duct venting system

We’ve integrated the venting system because our customers were running into problems using general contractors or mom & pop shops to provide them with oven ventilation. This can create safety issues because if there are no easily accessible cleanup accesses, to properly clean the vents at least once a year, it is possible for oven vents to catch on fire. Our venting has easy to open cleanup accesses.

Key differences between Marra Forni’s venting and other systems

One thing is, our venting is very easy to install. You can call it “plug-n-play”. Another thing is, we use grade 309 stainless steel, which is top of the line. Our vents have double walls with insulation in between, to make them more energy-efficient. And it meets the 103 and 1978 UL standards. Which makes it possible to vent at high temperatures. Our ovens can reach up to 950 degrees. So the common B vent style venting does not work with our ovens. Due to our high manufacturing standards, we are able to offer a 25-year warranty.

Easy to use system

Our Rotator Brick Ovens all come equipped with our innovative touchscreen technology. So with integrated ventilation, you have the ability to set the oven and the fan, to automatically turn on in the morning before you come in and off at the close of business, using the touchscreen. You can also control the speed of the fan, as you desire.


  • Powered Exhaust (optional feature)
  • Grade 444 Stainless Steel
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • High-Temperature Ducting
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Clean

See the entire spec sheet here!

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